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Servomed Participation Medica Exhibition
We are participating Medica Exhibition 13 to 16 Nov 2017 Hall No. 16/B45

Scalpel Handles & Operating Scalpels
Anatomy,Post Mortem & Cone Knives
Post Mortem,Brain,Grafting & Amputation Knives
Larygoscopes Conventional
Larygoscopes Fiber Optic
Diagnostic sets,Ear Speculas,Stethoscopes,Hammers & Sensibilty Instruments
Tuning Forks,Curettes,Loops,Foriegn Body Instruments & Hooklets
Excavators,Elevators,Raspatories,Curettes,Ear Syringe & Nasal Speculum
Nasal Speculum,Snares & Scissors
Nasal Polypus and Septum Compression Forceps
Nasal Polypus and Cutting Forceps,Septum Knives & Elevator
Septum and Periosteal Elevators,Rhinoplastic Instruments
Rhinoplastic Instruments
Rhinoplastic Instruments
Rhinoplastic Instruments & Adenoid Curettes
Catheters and Mouth Gags
Tongue Depressors,Cheek & Lip Retractors,Tonsil Dissectors & Elevators
Tonsil Snares,Tonsillectomes,Trocars,Punches,Tubes & Retrators
Trocars,Suction Tubes,Laryngal Mirrors & Handles
Dressing and Tissue Forceps with Tungstens Carbide Inserts
Tissue Forceps,Watchmaker,Splinter and Atraumatic Tissue Forceps
Needle Holders
Needle Holders
Towel Clamps,Sponge & Dressing Forceps
Haemostatic and Tissue Grasping Forceps,Tubing Clamps
Haemostatic Forceps
Haemostatics,Liagature,Hysterectomy Forceps
Atrauma Tissue,Organ and Tissue Grasping Forceps/Intestinal Clamps
Atrauma Intestinal,Sigmoid Anastomisis,Uterine and Stomach Clamps Forceps
Uterine Tenaculum,Dressing & Elevating Forceps
Atraumatic Vascular Clamps
Atraumatic Vascular Clamps
Micro Needle Holders
Rib Shears
Rib Spreaders
Retractors, Abdominal Retractors, Hooks
Retractors & Spatulas
Inteninal Clamps, Rectal and Anal Retractors
Anal Retractors, Anescopes, Sphincteroscopes & Probes
Probes, Kidney Stones & Haemorrhoidal Forceps, Endospecula, Vaginal Specula
Vaginal Specula
Vaginal Specula, Uterine Dilators
Uterine Probes, Biopsy Curettes and Myoma Instruments
Biopsy and Speciman Forceps
Boipsy and Specimen Forceps
Uterine Curettes, Instrument for Mini Laprotomy and for Removal of I.U.D
Uterine Curettes and Scoops
Obstetrics Placenta and Ovum Forceps
Obstetrics Forceps, Retractor and Pelvimeters
Punches and Rongeurs
Rongeurs, Micro Ear polypus Forceps and Wire closure Forceps
Ear polypus Forceps
Rongeurs, Micro Ear polypus Forceps and Wire closure Forcep
Plaster and Bandage Shears and Spreaders, Amputation Saws
Bone Holding Forceps
Finger Ring Saws, Bone Cutting Forceps
Bone Cutting Forceps & Rongeurs, Bone Rongeurs
Bone Rongeurs
Hand Drill and Reamers, Screwdrivers
Flat Nose Wire Holding Forceps and Pliers, Wire Cutting Forceps and Pliers
Bone Chisels, Gouges and Osteotomes
Bone Levers, Bone Files
Bone Curettes, hammers, Mallets
Sterilization Forceps, Safety Pins and Tools
Sterilization Cases, Jars and Sterile Deposit Systems
Measuring Jars and Sterilization Drums
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